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Why my central AC frozen and blowing warm air?

There are a few reasons why your central air conditioning freeze during the peak of heat and in the most time you need it.

In this article, we will explain the top 2 reasons why your central AC freeze in summer when it is very hot and what things you might do to fix frozen AC.

  1. Air Flow.
  2. Air Conditioners low in the refrigerant.

There are a few more reasons, but the above are the main 2 reasons for your central air conditioning to freeze during summer.

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why my Central AC is Frozen and not blowing cold air?


50% of the reason why AC freezes and blows warm air is low AIR-FLOW and there are a few reasons that can cause this problem with your central Air Conditioning system:

  • Dirty Air Filter
  • Bad or weak blower motor
  • Restricting supply or return vents
  • Dirty AC evaporator coil

Is your Central AC frozen?

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Dirty Air Filter & How to Fix Frozen Air Conditioning

Do you need to replace your air filter more often, if you find your home AC system frozen and you have a very dirty air filter?

80% of the dirty air filter is the issue, you need to replace your air filter the right way.

If you can turn your central AC off for a few hours or turn ON the fan only (No Cooling).

This will help melt the ice from around AC evaporator coil which is restricting the air from passing through, after few hours start your AC and issue should be fixed.

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Bad or Weak Blower Motor

If you have a furnace bad blower motor or the blower motor is weak then the furnace will blow less air to warm the evaporator coil, and ice starts to build up until it will block the evaporator coil or do other damage such as water leak.

In this case, if you live in the northern Chicago land area! feel free to contact Any Season & Cooling for blower motor repair.

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Restricting in Supply or Return Vents / Duct.

If there is an air restriction in the supply or return duct, it will make your furnace blower motor blow less air.

Less air flow will cause the evaporator temperature to drop down below 32F and the coil starts to build ice till it blocks the coil.

Make sure you did not block any duct vent or for example place a couch or picture in front of the main duct return.

Dirty AC Evaporator Coil

Sometimes people do not use air filters and dirt and dust start moving inside your HVAC duct system, and in summer time evaporator coil is wet, so dust and dirt stuck in the coil.

And within a few years, the coils will be very dirty and start restricting a smooth air-flow which will cause the evaporator coil to start to get frozen during summer time and furnace start short cycle or open limit switch during wintertime.

For a dirty evaporator coil, you need to contact licensed heating and air conditioning company to clean the coil, which can lead sometimes to a few hours of work.

Air Conditioners low in refrigerant

The second main reason for frozen air conditioning is that the AC system is low in refrigerant, in this case, you need to contact a licensed HVAC contractor to recharge Air Conditioning with freon.

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Low-Cost Air-Conditioning Freon Recharge

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